Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, social work, or related field
and 2000 supervised hours working with MI persons
6000 supervised hours working with MI persons
Masters degree in behavioral science or related field, but does not meet qualifications
as Mental health professional
Practicum student in accredited Masters degree or Doctoral program placed at the
facility as part of the degree requirements and under the supervision of a Mental
Health Practitioner or Professional


  • Is familiar and maintains compliance with applicable Minnesota Statues or rules, including, but not limited to DHS Rule 36 (IRTS), MDH SLF (Class A), MS 253B, Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults, Duty to Warn, Minnesota Data Practices Act.
  • Upon successful completion of required medication test
    , administers medications according
    to ReEntry House policy
    and procedures under the supervision of the facility’s nurse.
  • Assists in the orientation of new admissions to residential care.
  • Assists the Administrative Asst. with
    taking residents to financial appointments.
  • Coordinate budgets with representative payees and assist residents with budgeting money.
  • Assists the therapists in developing the Individual Treatment/Rehab Plan.
  • Assists in assessing clients in various areas as assigned: chemical health, STD, etc.
  • Provides direct services to the residents.
  • Teaches and develops independent living skills (hygiene checks, relaxation, conversation skills, housekeeping, budgeting, etc.) for the clients.
  • Participates in charting and record keeping.
  • Co-facilitates or facilitates groups as assigned: morning check-in group, social group, recreational group, IDDT group, DBT group, Illness Management and Recovery group
  • Identifies individuals prone to having behavior emergencies
    and assists the therapist in developing additional programming appropriate for their needs.
  • Helps to defuse and de-escalate any potential behavior emergencies
    and assists in developing additional programming appropriate for the client’s needs.
  • Responsible for providing staff coverage and ensuring the security of the facility and general supervision of the residents.
  • Collect UA’s as designated.
  • Attends weekly staff meetings.
  • Provides input in staff meetings and treatment planning.
  • Provides courteous and respectful care to all clients.
  • Files documents.
  • Participates in data collection.
  • Performs word processing, faxing, copying and mailing documents.
  • Compiles quarterly and year-end statistics for County reports.
  • Performs client record audits for compliance under DHS and MDH regulations.
  • Plans and coordinates recreation activities.
  • Plans holiday activities and special events.
  • Community liaison with drop-in centers and other recreation centers.
  • Compile recreation community outreach manual.
  • Performs other duties as requested to facilitate activities of the agency.
  • Prepares daily call list (medication monitoring)
  • Orders medications from pharmacy
    under supervision of the facility’s nurse.
  • Participates in regular cleaning duties.
  • Supervises mental health rehab workers during shared shifts
  • Works effectively and professionally with other treatment team members.
  • Calls clients listed on the daily call list to remind them to take their meds
  • Receives crisis/reassurance calls from ACT, GRH, and Metro Apartments clients.
  • Responsible for providing staff coverage during non-program hours. This includes ensuring the security of the facility, general supervision of residents and crisis management.
  • Be available to help defuse and de-escalate any potential behavior emergencies.
  • Performs routine cleaning of common areas and designated rooms.
  • Assist residents with their room cleaning, personal hygiene and laundry.
  • Prepare meals, serve and clean up according to Health Department Standards and under the direct supervision of the Cook.
  • Implement Individual Treatment/Rehab Plans as developed by Mental Health Therapists
  • Completed required ongoing training activities
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Under the direct supervision of the Mental Health Therapists and Treatment Director.


The job performance evaluation will take place annually with the Treatment Director.
Specific contents
of the evaluation are included in the individual’s personnel file.

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